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I listen to NPR most every day...

 ...whether in my office, the kitchen, the den, my bedroom,  the living room, backyard...and more! That's because my sound/tv guys (Hidden Connections) installed SONOS for me several years ago.  All I need to do is to sign in via my computer and I get to choose what station I want to listen to, and wherever I am, I can turn on SONOS. Except for yesterday, Suddenly there were voices speaking gibberish and blah blah blah. I turned it off, gave it a rest, and turned it on again, and again, and again. Same sounds. It was very frustrating for me. Then I told myself....'let it go.'  So that's what I did.  I don't know why this happened...but I learned a lesson.  I told myself "Marilyn, you are not the queen of the earth. Get over it. There are millions of people who have more concerns about living than you have a right say anything about something. " It took me about 15 minutes to calm down. So today everything worked...I didn't need to bother my friends.  O