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Do like the Beatles said.....

  I think I took this photo in front of a church on Central Ave. It's simple. It states what we need to do. And it was in Alameda. Oh my gosh! I heard something crashing (but not like glass) while I was sleeping the other night. I struggled to get up and looked around. I have magnets on all of my kitchen cupboards so they were closed.  I opened up the back door and went outside. I have a motion sensor/lights that I had my electrician install because those lamps had burned out. This new fixture is much, much better. Still, no sign of any crash.   The laundry room windows were locked and I was quite sure that the tenants upstairs were undisturbed. They are super good about letting me know if something is out of order. No signs of any wild animals in the backyard. (However, one neighbor that I spoke to said there was a mountain lion roaming our street! What?) And when it was time for me to take a shower, I found my plastic bottle on the tub floor. It was my shampoo that I use once per