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It seems simple...but not always.....

 Homemade macaroons. It seems simple...but life can 'seem' to get complicated.  I was to meet two dear friends in my backyard, about 2pm on Wednesday.  At the last moment, one of them was writing an offer on a property, so there were just the two of us. My friend, Dee, brought some sweets over, and these macaroons were among them. They were homemade, and they were light and fluffy and they tasted wonderful. They nearly melted in my mouth, but had a crispness that said to me that she knew what she was doing.  Then she started telling me about how she learned to cook from her husband. It was amazing!  From that point on, we were talking about everything: the world, how we came to know each other (she and her husband bought a listing that I had years ago, using  another excellent agent). She recently retired...and she is loving it! She talked about their dog(s) and told stories about them. It was gorgeous outside, It was a bit chilly. But to have quality time with someone I've