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 Flowers sent by one of my friends!  I cannot imagine how much time it takes to be able to be good enough to get into the Olympics. And now a 15-year-old ice skater is probably wondering how, why, when, who, what happened when she was given (a) drug that was on the NO-NO list. argh. Okay....that's enough about that. How about the Curling event? One person shoves the large disc down the ice, and  then the other folks on the team make it slide faster, by sweeping in front of the disc. Curling The bobsled slayers. How about the Monobod ? Oops...time for me to get back to the TV....who knows what else will make me laugh or cringe? But congrats to all who made it to the 2022 Olympics. You are champs, even if you don't win a medal.  Live richly, marilyn