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Every day is a holiday...

 ...based on these 'marketers': 2/22/22 National Margarita Day  (  2-9-22 National Pepperroni Pizza Day (where did this come from?)  I'd like it if we had one holiday per month. Maybe attach it to a we'd have a long weekend.  -We used to celebrate Abraham Lincoln's birthday on Feb 12.  -We used to celebrate George Washington's birthday on Feb 22. Now we merged them into Presidents Day. I think we need to have a Mr. (Fred) Rogers' Day. He meant what he said, and he said it so kindly. The thought of being kind to a neighbor is downright good! But sometimes neighbors don't like neighbors. The world is going mad.  I had a very unexpected chat with an older gentleman when I was bringing in my garbage bins late today. Of course, older means different things to different folks.  He wondered how long ago I had my house painted...he loved the colors. He also spoke about the very blue house up the street. He was kind, but kind of surprised tha