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Stuff....(beware this is George Carlin talking about topical subjects...and he swears A LOT!).

I've always said... "Have space, will fill."  " If we can't see it, it doesn't exist."  First rose to bloom in my front yard. All of us do it: we keep filling up cabinets, closets, under beds, behind furniture, and blah blah blah. It makes us feel good, because we can't see what we've stashed away. I was very glad that Carl was happy to build quality stuff in our carriage house (aka garage that you couldn't get a vehicle into):  -half-models of boats that he designed -fixed fixtures that were broken I was able to give a lot of Carl's quality tools to friends.  Here's a bit that George Carlin did....all about STUFF! Beware: there's a boatload of swear words. His dad (an airline pilot with Western Airlines) taught him how to use hand tools and machinery that woodworkers used.  There's a canoe that Carl and our son built which is still hanging from the rafters. Son Evan continues to say