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It is what it is.....

 One of the first 2022 roses this year! I'm assuming the pandemic is mostly over. That could be a very wrong assumption. However, I'm still wearing a mask (of my own accord) and those N95s are washable. I've noticed a couple of things as these years have rolled by: People are letting their gray hair show up (men and women). It's about time. If they dye their hair, they're no longer doing it. At one point many years ago, I had my hairdresser put some dye in my hair because I was going gray. That didn't work out so well. After trying it for about a year, I decided it would be easier to admit I was 'a rainbow head' and move on. It sure didn't look like it was covering the I had the hairdresser cut it shorter and shorter so it wouldn't take so long to have it just be natural. I think the hairdressers just chuckled once I was out the door. I'm sure they were saying "She'll be back...!" kind of like whoever that actor was Br