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I had a very nice meet-up at a friend's house this afternoon.  She had this plaque on one of her walls: +++++++++++++++ I saved this  from Bay Area Mercury News 3-10-22 It shows that our town of Alameda is more than out-of-area folks think it island anchored in San Francisco Bay. I'm pretty sure that  Alameda means something like 'tree-lined streets."  And that's probably why it feels a bit crowded these days. But we need the 'out-of-towners' to cross our bridges or go under the water through our Tube and drop some $$$$ here, and have a great time: whether along our shorelines, or our bike lanes, or our parks, or even our historic movie theatre. -Just a ferry ride or tunnel trek away, this island on San Francisco Bay offers plenty to do, from urban hikes and splashy fun to a World War II-era museum that might actually be haunted. Here are three ways to play — plus some virtual options, in case you’re not ready to venture out just yet. Naval history: