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Sounds and sights

I heard some song birds, somewhere outside my home office window. There were maybe 3 of them. Then I heard the leaf, dirt blower. It sounded like the garbage truck. Then I heard some planes (small single engine planes, some multi-engine planes, and some jets). Then I heard our Spanish-speaking neigbhors. I wish I spoke another language. In high school I took French. Then I heard the little boy on the other side of the house, learning how to ride a bike. His father was very encouraging. Then I heard neighobrs tearing down their garage? It didn't take very long.... And then I smelled the roses....and I asked my son's son...if he'd like to help me cut the roses. We did it together: counted 5 leaves down from the rose, and did that 3 times. And I helped him snip off the roses. This was a small piece of heaven. Live richly, marilyn