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I spent some time.....

....with with a couple who flew their airplane from Paradise/Chico into OAK (the north field). Carl had been a good friend of John's from way back in the day. Sutter picked them up from the airport and we met at Jim's on the Course. I have not been the most social person these last 2+ years. But we had a lovely lunch in the patio area. And I was super-suprised at how much renovation, remodeling, had been done at the restaurant (inside and outside), and the restrooms! It literally was lovely! Woody, my golf instructor from years ago, offered to show me the changes that have been made on the course during those months (years). I have yet to call him and make those arrangements...but I certainly will do that now that I've seen the results! The only thing we didn't do is rent a cart and play a round of golf. I took a photo of the duck, who was waddling around, attempting to get some scraps of food. We did not offer the duck anything. It was a lovely day. The food