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My daughter...

Everybody should be as blessed as I am. After 2+ years, Sutter, my daughter, arrived @ SFO from Christchurch, New Zealand.  Evan was here with his son, Cadel, a couple of weeks prior to Sutter showing up. She actually drove to San Diego to visit with his family. And while she was here, she met up with some of her wonderful college friends.  Some friends of Carl's (who have been close to all of us), flew their plane to OAK to meet up with us! And if you haven't had a meal @ Jim's On The Course, you'd be surprised at how the restaurant has upped its game, and how much remodeling has been done! Eating outdoors is a treat as well as watching the golfers! I've been there twice since Sutter showed up!  It's a long flight to and from NZ. Because it's been awhile since I've driven on the freeways, I remembered to take the San Mateo Bridge to pick Sutter up, instead of going over to SF via the Bay Bridge.  However, we had lunch at Max's Opera Cafe in S