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Update on our Shredding Party!

  WE'VE generated (so far) $6074 from the 16th annual Shredding Party!  All of you generated $3037 in donations, plus a $50 check made out to the Alameda Food Bank (which has been forwarded to the Alameda Food Bank). We're waiting for two checks from an employer that matches the employee's donations. This is a big deal when an employer matches the employee's donations! And I will match those as well! I took this photo on April 7th, 2014 Peri, who runs the AMOW office, has let me know that the matching funds could take a bit of time.  Any and all gifts are terrific! And all of you are just as terrific, as well! I love that we step up our game when says a lot about who you/we are and what we can do together. Now, we get to think about our election, which is coming up. Not always fun, but we need to cast our votes for whoever seems best to each of us. It's a privilege, not a burden.  Live richly,  marilyn