This is a leap for me....expanding
into areas yet untried and unknown!

As I've 'matured' (note the silver hair), there are observations that have struck me as funny, weird, obviously 'duh', and timely.  So I'm attempting to write about them.  Somehow they may not jive with my weekly real estate blog so I'm going in a different direction. 

By day and sometimes into late nights...I'm a licensed real estate broker in the great and broke(n) state of California.  I have a wonderful business and clients in the town of Alameda, an island anchored off the coast of Oakland in the San Francisco Bay.

My circle of friends is both tight and ever-expanding.  Talents?  Don't have anything I can brag about...but I can be a Jill-of-All-Trades when necessary.  If anything I've learned it's to call on the experts rather than making an even bigger mess.

Ideas, comments, observations all welcomed!

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